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Topic: N-L systems & psychology
Posted by: Keith
Date/Time: 10/06/2003 10:37:08

Hi John,

Both Carmen and yourself go to great lengths to show that statistical analysis of human behaviour is useless in terms of modeling how an individual does something with excellence.  But, and you only hint at this is ‘Whispering...’, surely a more compelling argument is that you can’t do linear analysis on a non-linear system (an individual or two or more individuals relating).  How is it that you spend so little time on this aspect and so much on statistical analysis?  Do you perhaps go into more detail regarding this topic in ‘RedTail Math...’?


Is psychology a good example of using logical operator AND as a means of connecting a TRUE statement with an unverified apparently TRUE statement with the intention of making the entire statement TRUE?  For example, after electrocuting one hundred psychology students we can extrapolate (AND) from the results that we do indeed have the ability to make others feel whatever emotions we want them to feel AND so should be nice to each other.  I think of the quote from ‘Patterns...’,

“... The most typical way in which a hypnotist uses these modeling processes is by linking some portion of the clients experience which the client is immediately able to verify to some experience or behaviour that the hypnotist wishes the client to have.”

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., volume II, pages 147 - 148.

I wonder if psychology is social hypnosis in that it connects, via the operator AND, psychology experiments with what proponents of psychology believe we should do in terms of ‘normal’ behaviour?

My apologies if these questions do not read well.


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