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Topic: Re:N-L systems & psychology
Posted by: John Schertzer
Date/Time: 10/06/2003 14:03:14

Hope you don't mind my butting in, but what do you mean by "psychology?"  Do you mean the cognitive-behavioral approach taught in most (not all) clini psych PhD programs particularly in the US?  To my understanding, this is only one of numerous flavors, though in a sense, you're right, it has become "psychology," the way the neo-conservative view, in the US, has apparently become the only way to be patriotic while were weren't looking.

But then contemporary psychoanalysis (for instance, a possible "psychology") probably *functions* a lot more like Ericksonian psychotherapy than most people think.  I know a Freudian who, without being aware of it, is an excellent matcher, and who's work efficacy I believe relies more on implied causal linkages than the drive theory.

Pardon me, again, for digressing.


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