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Posted by: ElevandraE
Date/Time: 12/06/2003 15:20:06

Hi i really would like to know the difference between Michael Hall's Meta-NLP and Neuro Semantics.

If you are now into neuro semantics( better than nlp in your estimation), why are you still teaching NLP certifications?The weirdest thing is that you still have NLP certication trainings, although you now call it META-NLP. Probably because you still need to use the NLP name to market your trainings.

Everyone has a new improved version of NLP, whether it is humanistic neuro linguistic psychology,neuro associative conditioning, neuro semantics or neuro monkey banana milkshakes.

I realize most of us want to become top intellectual founders of amazing new disciplines and go down in history but will this really enhance michael hall's reputation to a higher degree? hmm, maybe, tell me if it works and ill create Neuro Elusive Technologies tommorow.(it can be NLP with different eye pattern strategies)

I believe(my map) it is fantastic to improve and argue about the existing model of NLP like what Robert Dilts and many others have been doing. but they still call it NLP doesnt he? Robert could easily call his version of NLP super neuro diltsy semantic conditioning or  whatever but he doesnt. Let's share, let's evaluate and let's teach but remember children, don't forget to trademark!

One argument is that NLP has some negative and harmful public relations so lets trademark a new name and become BETTER than NLP. Do any of these trainers really believe that their new NLP will attain "SUPER NLP" status? isnt super NLP still NLP?

Hey i love Tony Robbins but we do know what Neuro Associative Conditioning really is dont we?

i believe the majority of the international NLP comunity believes in NLP and will strive to improve and have new distinctions to share with everyone else. But will we call it neuro something else?? hmm i dont know..... maybe. After all, we all do want to be great, rich famous dont we?

Wei Min Choong, NLP practitioner.

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