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Topic: L.Michaell Hall's reply
Posted by: ElevandraE
Date/Time: 13/06/2003 11:51:50

Im very glad that Michael Hall took the time to reply my email. New versions of NLP with different names with continue to appear whether we like it or not. And if NLP really is about to die, then i wish it well. If NLP really is on a downward spiral then i do hope all of you manages to halt the slide and bring it up again. I really do believe NLP still does have hope and it is up to the rest of us to make sure it improves and sticks around.

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Date: Thursday, June 12, 2003   7:42:43 PM
From: L. Michael Hall
Topic: From Michael Hall

Dear Wei Min

Thanks for your email and your questions-- they are very relevant and so
I thank you for them.

Why?  I was with Richard Bandler, writing some books for him, helping
him with "the Society of NLP" (1989) (it no longer exists now), etc.
AT that time I saw how the leaders in NLP were fighting and creating
problems.  Richard filed a 90 million dollar law suite against NLP in
the USA in 1994 ... He lost it in 2000 but not after the damage was
done... Most NLP centers went out of business.  Just this year, NLP
Comprehensive has announced that this is their last year.  There is NO
Association or Society of NLP any longer.  and NLP has a terrible
reputation here.

That's why -- in our literature -- in the USA, we do not even mention
it!   Why continue to do the Prac and Master Prac courses???  Because
there is wonderful and awesome material in it!  and becaue people need
it and because we require it as necessary for NS-nlp Trainers Training.

Most people in the USA no longer mention NLP.
This last year I have had 13 NLP TRaining Centers call and ask if they
could change their name to NS Neuro-Semantic TRaining Center.  Most of
them will come to our NS-nlp TT and get certified to do that.  Why?
Because the Association of NLP in France has fallen apart due to
infighting.  The same has happened to the Associat. in GErmany.   And
the NLP Assoc. in the UK is almost at the same place.

New and Improved ... wanting to go down in history?
    Well, that seems kind of sarcastic.
     I had NO intention of starting anything.
    We Trademark NS in 1996 because at that time it looked like
Bandler's lawsuite would take NLP out of our hands and prevent us from
trainign it any longer.  AT that time, I was a Trainer in good standing
of the NLP Society --- always paying my dues, but Richard's lawer sent a
contract that everything I developed would be Richard's "intellectual
property."  I refused to sign that.

Robert Dilts?  Well, Robert and I sat down in Dec. with Steve Andrews,
Ed and Maryann Reese and some others ... and they all agreed that NLP in
the USA was dead and that it would be best to drop the name.  Robert
said that he would continue because 90 percent of those who attended
NLPU came from outside the USA.  He and I talked later (we are writing a
book together right now) ... and he said that he did not use NLP when he
went into business contexts.

EL>Hey i love Tony Robbins but we do know what Neuro Associative Conditioning
EL>really is dont we?
    Richard sued Tony for 6 million dollars in 1988.  I was with Richard
in San Franciso -- at his home, when Tony settled out of court.  He
wrote a check for $500,000, signed all of the papers that he would
certify through the NLP Society and pay his $200 per person.  I asked
Richard -- What stops Tony from changing the name and never certifying
through the Society?  Richard said he woudl not dare.  Of cousre, we
knwo the history.  He dared.  So today, he will not mention the word
"NLP" on TV.  He's on Larry King regularly -- will not mention NLP.  and
given the way Richard treated him, who can blame him.  But what is his
model??  Yes, just NLP.

That's my story and why we have gone the route of Neuro-Semantics and
pulling out of NLP.  I don't think NLP will last but for another decade.
It is already dead here in the USA ... and every indication is that
that will happen elsewhere.

For me it is not a matter of glory, recognition, or anything like that.
Having written major works in NLP ... the ending of NLP hurts book
sales.  But that seems to be the way the wave is moving ... and in spite
of speaking at the ASsocations in Canada, Mexico, England, Denmark, etc.
and writing in what few papers we have left (Anchor Point, Rapport, NLP
News etc.) .... I do't think it will last.

Why continue?? Because I believe in the power and magic of the model and
want to give it some new wineskins so that it can be put forth in the
world and help people.

hope that offers a little insight.
We do have articles on our website about the difference between NLP and

Blessings to you and yours
To your Personal Genius


            L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.
            International Society of Neuro-Semantics
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            Clifton, CO. 81520  USA
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