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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 25/06/2003 05:34:31

Hello, Ryan Nagy.

1.  In post 23/06/2003 06:21:44 to thread "NLP vs NEURO SEMANTICS", you wrote,

"nj wrote:
'You might agree with me that the conventions that NLPer's would adopt in the community could shift along with the theories produced by NLP research.'

BTW - have you actually read Whispering?"

Yes, Mr. Nagy, I have read Whispering.  Read and reread, front-to-back, and also in sections.  About an 1.5 hours ago, I incinerated my copy of "Whispering In The Wind" in a fireplace.  My copy is now in ashes.

2.  In post ... to thread "NLP vs NEURO SEMANTICS", you wrote,

"So you're saying that you care but that you would rather not?"

Yes, that's correct. 

3.  In the post that this post replies to, I wrote,

"Now I have a request for you.  I request that you go reply to post 14/06/2003 18:56:19 in the thread titled 'First Access', which has a most recent post dated 22/06/2003 23:57:56. It was posted to you by Dr. Grinder, and I'm hoping you'll post a public reply to it."

I withdraw my request, now I'm indifferent to whether you post or not.  Incinerating my copy of "Whispering In The Wind" has eased my mind a little.  Now I feel less interested in the particulars of everyone's postings to this forum.


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