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Posted by: Gus
Date/Time: 23/06/2003 00:17:24

This particular type of discussion is not really addressing the main point which is that NLP as a discipline is still young, not thousand of years old like martial arts. NLP is not the knowledge but the map, and usually an effective one, it has a lot to offer still specially through modelling. Theoretically an unending source from which to keep sprouting applications from. New applications to apply to our lives, this is a very noble and practical end we can focus on in the future. Nevertheless...

All of you here would know that names and signs are just conventions by which we can peg our maps of knowledge. Imagine however if in one city we were to have sections of the population renaming the meaning of traffic signs.
If a stop sign was a "go" sign or a red light was a "pick your nose and walk backwards into incoming traffic" sign. Things could get tricky.
Imagine if in the one city we had different tribes that had just moved in the city and were "re-pegging" the signs to their own interpretations.

Thankfully the NLP community hasnt gotten as bad as that,i hope. Before declaring the signs dead and buried, in comparisons the similar terms usually refer to similar processes, and as long as the processes are effective for the individual who cares about the community, one might say... However if NLP is to be used scientifically by the community, conventions should be adopted at least till they are known throughout the outside non-nlp community. That is If we are not to spread a lot of misinformation out there. Its a utopian scenario I know.
Still I have to admit that all this renaming seems more politically and economically derived than anything else. And I would rather stick to the original names and conventions first refered to in NLP, at least until they are no longer useful. Its a personal preference.
The point for the community at large is, if it works, who cares?

Those of us for whom a 1 means a one not a 2 I suppose.

Thanks for reading this.G

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