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Posted by: Golf Swing Modeler
Date/Time: 19/07/2003 18:38:44

"the visual images generated trigger the appropriate corresponding micro muscle movements through the synesthesia circutry, they are gold? This triggering of the appropiately associated micro muscle movements via the creation of images occurs, please note, exclusively if and only if the visual images initially developed are from a 1st position percetpual position."

Yes John I must agree from my own experience that this is a very important distinction, and I appreciate your point in terms of coding a model.  I have found that first position visuals external or internal with the golf swing, can get you only so many results when they lead a sequence because there are certain kinesthetic distinctions that first position external visuals and internal visuals (without experiencing the kinesthetic distinctions first hand (certainly not third position) don't really help you to make.  In this case, I make the kinesthetic distinctions and then use a first position metaphor (visual/auditory to reinforce it - so the kinesthetics are primary and inform the metaphor, whilst the metaphor recursively reinforces, as a mental anchor, the primary distinction.  For example using: "imagine being...this part being and this part being...etc.."  This just helps to reinforce the feelings involved on initiating the behaviour.  As you get more experienced, effective and therefore sophisticated the metaphor becomes less important, and you develop a kinesthetic-language that's more refined and elegant. 

When you are what they often call in the 'zone' in sports your first position visuals external and first position kinesthetics really do synchronise, with the kinesthetics filling bits of the key missing data not presented by the visuals.  But your senses and consciousness are clear and congruent.

"The failure of investigators to specify whether the visualization occurs from 1st or 3rd position accounts for most of the contradictory results in these experiments."

Excellent point.

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