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Topic: NLPmodeling vs NLPapplication
Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 31/07/2003 16:59:57

How useful is the term NLPapplication? When you think about it, using the Milton model constitutes hypnosis, not NLP. NLPapplication and NLPtraining may confuse people -- starting with myself. I propose that we keep only NLPmodeling and NLPdesign under the umbrella of NLP, and locate applications of the models within the specific fields of application in which the patterns operate. In the case of the Milton Model, we would talk about a hypnosis application model, not an NLP application model. An example of an NLP application model would be the modeling process offered by Grinder and Bostic St Clair on pages 349-350 of Whispering. It's the first NLP application model I've seen, though others probably exist. Since NLP is modeling, and modeling is a skill, we need to create modeling models.

If NLP is modeling, as John Grinder and Carmen Bostic emphasize in Whispering, I'd say that the use of the product of NLP, i.e. models that confer skills, is beyond the scope of NLP. Following through on the analogy found in Whispering, we clearly distinguish between physics (identification of patterning in the mechanics of physical world) and engineering (application of patterning found in physics). We don't say Physicsapplication. The same should go for NLP, unless Grinder and Bostic St Clair evaluate that no field out there applies the patterning found in NLP, which I'd find to be an inaccurate diagnosis.

The same would make sense for training. It's incredibly confusing and messy otherwise, and you end up putting the name of NLP on everything, which would probably be too much credit to take.

What do you think?


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