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Topic: Re:NLPmodeling vs NLPapplication
Posted by: Robert Ballentine
Date/Time: 31/07/2003 17:59:35

Hi again Martin,

This is my take on NLPxxxx a quick draft of it and the reason why I think NLPapp... should be used.

But i also think what would make it a more valuable commodity in the realm of study etc, would be the setting up of the International Modeling Community as proposed in Whispering. This I beleive would help pull things together.

‘NLP Modeling’

is the process of modelling and making explicit tacit skills and behaviours

‘NLP Design’

is the process of designing Models that extend from the modelling process from the patterns, that then become the applications. For instance, New Behaviour generator, Swish pattern,

In that there are variables for NLPdesign that are to be put in placed to make sure that the NLPapplication meets such criteria as to be classed as an NLPapplication.

‘NLP Training’

is the training of such applications that have come from design from modelling but using the processes of NLP to train them, such that the NLP model/application is trained recursively. That is it is used implicitly within the training to train at the level of unconsciousness. Or the model that teaches itself by itself.

‘NLP Application’

Is the application of such models or applications into specific contexts other than the training of, for instance Selling, Sports, Medicine etc

This then helps to keep the thread of where the model / application came from, namely that of NLP and not a content model that could be mixed up. I suppose in a way it is like TM’ing it. Keeping it within the domain of NLP and not letting it get lost in the quagmire of content models.

The secondary advantage of this, is that by its own Trade Mark of NLPapplication, that is if it has followed all the criteria necessary to fall into the banding of NLPapplication, then it helps to self market the validity of NLP as a recognised body of inquiry. Thus promoting further NLP and its corpus of models etc etc.



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