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Topic: Re:Robert Dilts and Modeling
Posted by: Stephen
Date/Time: 10/09/2003 05:46:45

Pete and all,

I am curious if Robert Dilts has ever done modeling ala Whispering. The way that NLP started rather than analytical/critical design work. Robert states:

SFM™ - A Breakthrough in Modelling
Success Factor Modelling represents a breakthrough in modelling. It focuses on contextual modelling, paying attention to the key elements in the system being modelled.

"Success Factor Modelling is new. As NLP has evolved, the old style modelling of Erickson is not enough. You can't just look at one person, get their language patterns and say 'I've got a model.' You've got to look at the context they are in. It goes far deeper than the traditional NLP distinctions such as language and eye movements. You have to add other factors. So Success Factor Modelling is far more systemic than traditional NLP modelling. "
Robert Dilts

This leads me to ask several questions... I would think that when modeling, one would not have a template or be sorting for eye movements, language patterns or anything already coded in or out of NLP. If I have read any of WITW correctly, suspension of f2 is essential in the beginning of modeling.

So, of course one could eventually begin to get a sense of the context/s that the model creates and/or works in. This seems, at the moment to me, to be an analysis after the fact ( that there are contexts to be addressed as important to using the model ) that may not be necessary, depending on how you decide to code the variables you determine to be useful in transferring the model to others.

Just a thought.

Be well,


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