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Topic: How do I become a sociopath?
Posted by: Lager
Date/Time: 09/08/2002 23:54:19

Dr Grinder, Ms Bostic St Clair

Thank you John, for your reply to my previous post. One of the things I always like when reading Castaneda is the promise of the possibility of an unusual kind of freedom.

In the book the two of you wrote you wrote on page 358:

'Note, however, any person who develops full choice about her own kinesthetic representations - essentially, a person who chooses what shee feels - is awarded a very different title - namely, sociapath. We take it that this negative labeling - sociopath - by the culture is an unconscious recognition at the level of the social system that much of what holds our cultures together is the involuntary nature of the kinesthetic emotional bonds which tie us together in couples, families and larger social units. This involuntary binding is the glue that keeps much of the social system intact. Imagine the differences that would emerge in your marriage, primary emotional relationships, familiy, business or local community if suddenly the people involved could choose to experience guilt or not to experience guilt or shame or fear or... Yeah, imagine that!'

As a non-native speaker of english I have a question which may be real obvious, but are you suggesting that this is a very real possibility? That it is possible for a person at any given point in time to choose to have or not have a particular set of feelings?

Secondly, I admit that I find a certain allure when following your suggestion to 'imagine that' however I also imagine that this might not exactly be an unbounded change, nor an easy one to accomplish.


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