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Topic: Re:Origins: Castaneda
Posted by: e_lie
Date/Time: 01/06/2004 11:02:13

Hi Lager,

If you still, nearly two years from the date that you submitted the post to which I am now responding, have continued interest in exploring the view that Castaneda was a cult leader, be sure to check out the documentary Carlos Castaneda: Enigma of a Sorcerer.  I am convinced that it is an ingenious lampoon of Castaneda's 'cult leadership' and of the New Age movement in general.  Some people seem convinced that 'this shocking expose' is meant to be taken seriously and perhaps those people are correct.  Regardless, I find the film to be quite a hoot.  Perhaps you will too.  Here's the review:

"A best-selling author for 30 years, Carlos Castaneda inspired millions to break free from social dogma.  Genius, guru, cult leader or fraud?  No one really knows... More than three years in the making, this shocking expose explores Castaneda's mythic impact, controversial teachings and cult followings. Candid interviews backed with dazzling animation and experimental footage offer an intense visual and intellectual experience.  Former members of Castaneda's Sorcerers Group offer rare insight into his ideology along with experts in Shamanism, dreaming and mythology.  This film also includes rare radio interviews of Castaneda himself.  For more info visit (2004, USA, 91 min., Not Rated)"


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