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Topic: Re:How do I become a sociopath?
Posted by: The Programmed
Date/Time: 10/08/2002 02:06:33

I can't tell if Dr. Grinder is actually suggesting that some sociopaths have FULL choice about their own kinestheic representations, but if so, I would be very interested in reading specific descriptions of such abilities.  Every sociopath I've either come into contact with, studied or learned about has exemplified amazing capacties of choice in certain specific contexts, but is also marked by intense 'stuckness' in many other areas of functioning. 

It is fairly clear, to me, that to have total control of one's feelings would be, paradoxically, to abdicate the possibility of one's freedom. (Yes, freedom, that darned nominalization, thank God- or at least Jesus...Perhaps Buddha)  Perhaps certain Sociopaths come close enough to this condition of total choice to the extent that they can not reconcile the condition's inherent ecological unsoundness with it's allure.  Perhaps if one approaches such a capacity, one can almost not help but lose control (as if the Law of Requisit Variety moved into your house and kicked your butt daily).

It seemssoundsfeels to me that it is the extent to which our feelings are given that we can be inspired to exercise our freedom towards them; this is where NLP can be of such immense service, I think.

I understand that this question was not addressed to me, yet I am working on the assumption that a list based on the presuppostions which this one explicitly states leaves open doors on each 'conversation' into which the wider NLP community may feel free to walk or not.  If I be way off....ooooops....ignore me, you must!

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