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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:A Simple Question?
Posted by: InnerCalm
Date/Time: 01/10/2003 17:04:51

How do you explicitly NOT make a presuppositon that does NOT accept abosolute truth, when you do NOT believe in abosolute truth?

On the other hand; How do you make new discoveries, when you believe you have found the aboslute truth?

I see it this way, you may be seeking abosolute truth and not believe you have yet found it, which implies the presupposition, and continue searching for the abosolute truth.

To say one has found the abosolute truth, implies that their is no need to look further for it, and thus denies the presuppostion.

Although certain individuals or groups may accept that they have found the abosolute truth, or that they have found the abosolute truth in certain areas, by doing so they deny, or at best limit  or delay their possibilities of finding any new imformation in that area.

When we deny the possibities of new imformation, we only accept that which supports the old imformation.

We only eat when we're hungry, or said another way, we only seek new imformation when we feel the need for new imformation.

"Do I make you huuungry baaaby"?

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