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Posted by: Martin Messier
Date/Time: 05/10/2003 00:08:04

Hi InnerCalm and Jim R.,

Great discussion, thanks to both of you.

InnerCalm, you wrote: "I see it this way, you may be seeking abosolute truth and not believe you have yet found it, which implies the presupposition, and continue searching for the abosolute truth.....Until you find it, or as you say "achieve Samahdi", which is The One truth you are seeking; However, by doing so, you are denying all other truths or possibilities, and thereby denying the presuppositon, that their are no absolute truths, only new information."

Samadhi is non-dual truth, it is the truth out of which all truths unfold. Therefore, it is all-embracing, all-acknowledging, all-encompassing. Zen and other non-dual schools offer practices to lead you there.

When speaking of science, the most useful point of view I've found is the one proposed by Ken Wilber in "The Marriage of Sense and Soul." Ken proposes that science consists of an injunction, or a set of instructions, which when followed will yield a result. Those who wish to take up the injunction can achieve the results and comment on their experience. Those who do not have no basis for discussing the matter whatsoever.

That is to say, a physicist cannot argue with a zen monk about the inner phenomena of meditation without meditating every day for 7 years. He has not taken up the injunction and thus does not qualify for an educated opinion.

BTW, Jim R., can you please email me the practice to which you referred in your previous post? I'm interested.

Rock on!


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