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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 02/08/2004 22:28:37

Don't conflate a taxonomy's members into a single logical level.  You might want a taxonomy of questions that establish detailed, precise identity conditions for questions that are of different types, each of which might be relevant to one or more of the other concepts you mentioned, named:

"perception", "focus", "behavior",  "outcomes", "f2 transforms", "feedforward process",....

While exploring or developing that taxonomy, your tree of logical levels might be deep or shallow.  It's possible that questions, as types, might all be mutually exclusive, with respect to those types of questions that are relevant to "perception", "focus", "behavior"....  Your logical level tree would then be shallow or "bushy", as I think it's called.  But it's possible that your logical level tree would show that some of the concepts you're relating to questions establish, by their relationship, logical levels of questions that are nested inside each other  (cross-nested, too, maybe).

If you're wanting to learn the scripts of verbal communication that are relevant to the instruments of distinction that are the concepts "perception", "focus", ...., your question seems to ask whether those scripts include processes of asking questions, having questions, answering questions (to yourself or to others), or generating questions (which you might (not) ask).

So your question as to the role of questions....

Maybe you want to know what roles are currently played by questions?  You'd like a list?  Or an analysis of the appropriateness of questions in the roles they currently occupy, with respect to processes in which all those distinctions you mentioned are used as instruments of analysis?  Or are at least resources for producing analyses?  Or are simply relevant to the products of an analysis in which the roles of questions are analyzed?  Or....

Gosh, there's so much, and, somehow, it never makes it onto this website....

Maybe you have a complaint about someone's questions?  Or someone's discussion of questions?  Or a concern?...


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