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Posted by: Mark MacLean
Date/Time: 03/08/2004 04:41:24


Thanks for your reply. I think we've started moving in more or less the same direction, so let's continue. I apologize for "dragging my heels", if we're already in agreement about what questions do/are for, however, I see it as a excellent stepping stone to where you want to go.

You said: "I'm open to any suggestions you have."


You then said: "Questions seemed to lead to a focusing of thought do they not?  They make our minds concentrate on certain aspects of our experience? What's interesting here?"

Okay. Well that is exactly what I was getting at, and good questions. And, to answer you question about what's interesting...From my personal experience, (and what my initial reply was getting at) was that questions are, (at a fairly high logical level), about directing a person's attention. The command for one person to another might be something like: "Go (Transderivational Search), And, Recover AND/OR Generate That Information, (and then, (depending on the context) report it back to me)".

The interesting bit, is that "the context" seems to plays a huge role in what to do with that recovered/generated information. A comedian wants a laugh, a poker player wants to notice a "tell", and a gossip wants all the juicy details spilled.

This is the level I would expect/hope that most NLP Practitioners are working at. Deliberately directing their clients attention to making discoveries about their own model. (e.g. Meta Model questions) Asking specific questions designed to stimulate unconscious reactions/learning, (vs. conscious content elicitation questions).

From my experience the other two main/common reasons/intentions behind the questioning process (which seem to be at a lower logical level), and can be noticed within most day-to-day communications are:
1) To test or attempt to confirm information a person thinks they already have.
2) To get more information about where to move/go next, in terms of learning.

It seems to me that most questions fall rather comfortably into these 3 major groupings. What kind of feedback is being expected, also seems to be interesting.

Again, feedback welcome.

If this is a fairly comfortable, common ground regarding the utility of questions, than I'd be glad to move on to how these ideas might fit into "NLP New Code", and the many models discussed in Whispering.

Let me know what you think now. Again, my apologies for this long post if this is already where you're at. I'm interested in any differences you (or others may have to offer).

Mark MacLean

P.S. For the record I am eager to tease out your f2 transforms question, but this post has been long enough for now, and this seems like a logical break.

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