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Topic: Re:Re:Re:New directions
Posted by: Jon Edwards
Date/Time: 27/09/2002 13:42:49

Hi Michael,

I'm keen to get involved in this dialogue - I imagine a lot of synergy with similar projects I'm working on (in my "day job") with the National Health Service in the UK.

I'd agree with Tim that this is the sort of project that is better handled by a Wiki than a discussion board. My gut-feeling is that a Wiki wouldn't be suitable for the final database, but it's a great tool for interested people to collaborate towards the production of that final database.

An approach that I've found useful in such projects is to define what computer-programmers call the "actors" and "use-cases". That's just a fancy way of saying "Who is going to use the end-product, and how will they use it?" - "actors" are the different kinds of people who will use it, and "use-cases" are examples/stories of how they will use it - what do they want it to do for them?

There's no technical know-how needed for this, and the NLP 1st and 2nd Position techniques would be very useful tools! For example -

1st Position - imagine yourself sitting down at your computer a year from today, a cup of your favourite beverage by your side, with a little buzz of anticipation - you've just received an automatic email from the "NLP Patterns Database" to inform you that a new pattern has been added, and you can't wait to check it out! You fire up your browser and type in the website address, the page loads, and ...... what do you see? How is the new pattern presented? How is it related to other patterns on the site? What other resources are you directed to? How do you move around the website? What do you do with the information?

2nd Position - as above, but put yourself in the position of another user, then tell their story. For example -

- Miss X is a newcomer to NLP, she's been on a 4 day Practitioner's Course, and is keen to learn more. She is looking for ......

- Dr Y is one of the editors of the database. He's part of the panel responsible for reviewing and approving new submissions. He's just received an automated email to tell him that a new pattern has been submitted for review......

Once you've got a good cross-section of these "stories", you can then go to 3rd Position and start looking for patterns, repeating themes, and so on  ...sounds like the basis for an "NLP for Computer Programmers" course!  :-)

If that sounds useful, my suggested next step would be that readers of this forum start submitting their "use-cases" - again, echoing Tim's suggestion that a Wiki is a very useful tool for gathering together and discussing this sort of work.

Hope that's helpful!

Cheers, Jon

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