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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:New directions
Posted by: Tim Tischler
Date/Time: 28/09/2002 01:29:44

> you enlighten me.

A wiki is a remote collaboration tool.

Currently on this site, you post, I reply, Ulic replies, John replies, etc. and that makes editing a single document between us tricky, if not impossible. A wiki is a collection of communally shared pages that we can all edit.

Let's say that I'm working on explicating the properties of each representational system, and I have written a document called RepresentationalSystemProperties. I post everything that I have written and submit it for group discussion and I sign what I've written.

The next day, John comes along and wants to add another distinction to what I say, then he edits the document, comments on what I've written and signs his name to changes.

After awhlie of everyone adding thier thoughts, I would go back to this large, communally written document and edit it back down to one, clean document and we as a group have explicated something interesting.

As far as the wiki being very technical, the use of a wiki is no more technical than the comprehension of Whispering, I promise. I don't think it would serve this group well to choose a less than elegant tool based on a reluctance to learn a new skill.

My weekend is busy, but I have plenty of time next week. I will set up the beginnings of an NLP wiki, and then post the url for it to see what everyone thinks. I am excited to see what this group can come up with!

Tim Tischler
Southwestern Institute of NLP

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