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Topic: Re:Re:Meta?
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 02/11/2002 23:42:09

M Hall and Grinder/carmen uses different set of criteria.

Therefore, they never ever been meeting.

Its hard to know how much M Hall and Grinder/Carmen actually tested things out using each others set of criteria.
(The modeling approach)

If M Hall mindreads, well sure dont we all?
But he asumes bored and tired.
If we think anchoring here,

what are the anchor set there?

John Grinder at least are tired, boring and are more interested in his own ideas head none others to prove that his ideas are right.

Now, asuming the above,
thats one possible solution to the mindread offered by M Hall.

Or it might be that M Hall are describing his own head and are not to be proven head ideas.

If it is the first or second or any other solution are up to you the reader to make up.

Anchor set like that really sucks and I personally dismiss M Halls strategy of doing that.
Its not the first time that strategy are used.

Can you notice the subtile strategy used by M Hall?

If you did you mind read?


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