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Topic: Re:Meta-Dialogue to Mr. Grinder
Posted by: jurek
Date/Time: 06/12/2002 10:11:18

Few currently dying GRINDER-HALL threads seem to be a good example of what happens when the forum gets lost in the content to the detriment of the process awareness. What does appear to be absence of the basic willingness to start by getting rapport is just a part of it. Seems that the NLP is all about rapport, isn't it?

Consequently, just few friendly but a bit critical thoughts…

It seems that majority of the NLP community has heard about the ‘map is not the territory’ phrase coined by Alfred Korzybski. Almost all the published flavors of the NLP Operational Beliefs quote it, with the proper reference to Korzybski our without. The point is that there is nothing revolutionary about the phrase itself. It seems to function as a part of the Polish folk wisdom for ages. What makes it interesting, however, is the context in which Korzybski used it.

The point I am trying to make is that while some understood the phrase and got inspired to read Korzybski’s opus magnum in its entirety to understand the original context, many others seem to be just parroting it in blissful ignorance of what they are actually doing.

Let me finish by giving another one, corollary to the original:

"There is no more pitiful and pathetic view than the lost sheep that pretends to be the shepherd."

To get it on board you have to realize that mistaken identity is born out of the map that is misidentified with the not-own territory. You can take it as a metaphor or joke, the choice is yours, enjoy and Happy New Year! Lets call it a Year Of Rapport.

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