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Posted by: jurek
Date/Time: 09/12/2002 13:50:34

Please realize that the NLP books and articles are only with big effort translated into other languages. My personal experience is that even if the attempt is made, usually it accounts for an awful waste of time of the translator and potential readers.

To give you an example, I tried recently to read the foreign translation of the Introduction to NLP by John Seymour and believe me; I could not make head or tail of it.

And all this is not because there are no good and experienced translators available, the point seems to be that it is simply very difficult to translate language mechanisms (like the meta model) inherent to English into other languages. Note that most of the NLP developers (inclusive of all the co-founders) enjoy working with English as a native language.

Nowadays English language functions also as an international means of communication, in this context the use of plain language (also with repetitions) facilitates:

1. Presentation of different flavours of material, that opens up more options to deliver precise context description that helps to get closer to the writer’s map by virtue of which some potential confusions are pre-emptied

2. The ‘circular’ read of the same concepts reinforces learning experience, which means that once you are through the text you build it into your muscle.

Certainly, this may be annoying if you read just to get surface information and your outcome is not to get the material on board in the first place.

Also, as a native speaker, you may get irritated or even feel patronised by the slow current of the mainstream thought development and what seems to be keeping it at a very basic level.

Please consider that this type of writing it is still more useful than a poor translation. Since the NLP seems to be a fast growing business,  this model of writing may turn out to be the most successful to spread it worldwide.

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