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Topic: Sensory Acuity.
Posted by: Zaphod
Date/Time: 07/12/2002 09:55:38

After hitting this series of posts as it were a speed bump along my travels down the spirals of the net. (That's right, way down!)  I'm pissed that you slowed me down!

Mister Hall, I must say, you are using way TOO MANY WORDS.  Can't you say what needs to be said in fewer words.  I am simply not going to give you access the inside of my head for that length of time to read word after word after word after word, that you wrote.  The weight and monotany of it puts me too sleep.  Is meta states about Hypnosis? (Oh ok, I get it)

If meta-states is about making things shorter and simpler I like. 
* Otherwise why don't you write a book about going META TO THE INVETION OF THE WHEEL!

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