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Topic: New Code: games and what would happen if?
Posted by: Michael Carroll
Date/Time: 03/06/2002 01:51:54

Greetings to explorers

I was reading through the historical posts of this forum and found myself drawn to the thread of discussion relating to the alphabet game. I read comments by John and Carmen stating the alphabet game is not for self-application. I picked up my copy of the book, read the foot note on page 264 where J & C state that playing the alphabet game for  would be at best a  waste  of time.

When presented with such strong evidence by experts that something would be a waste of time, I generally find myself attempting to discover ways to present to juxtapose alternatives to the evidence. This leads to all sorts of fun and games. 

The simple way to achieve is asking “what would happen if I did X?,” or what “would have to happen for the evidence to be true and not true?” 

I know how to agree with John and Carmen and that is simply to play the game in accordance with the instructions in Whispering, I would find (as I tested) the results not to be effective in achieving the high performance state. So what variable would I need to introduce to achieve a state that can be called high performance? The variable I selected was full-length mirror.

So on lazy, Sunday morning I decided to play games.

The X in my question was, what would happen if I played the game through a mirror i.e posting the alphabet and instructions on wall  behind me in position where I could see the alpahablet and instructions through a full length mirror.

I experimented with the above and this is what I experienced on my first attempt.

1. I identified a context where I wanted to be in a high performance state. The specific frame was writing a letter that was necessary to write, but not pleasurable to write. I sat at my PC and measured my internal experience and I will call the state sluggish.

2. I wrote the alphabet and L. R T commands beneath the letters in accordance with the instructions in Whispering, with the added distinction of writing the alphabet sequence, left to right on the paper, and each character back to front. I also wrote the command letters back to front, so when stuck the poster on the wall, and would play the game I would see the instructions as the right way around at FA.

3. I stuck the sheet on the wall facing a full length  mirror 

4. I took my position in between the wall and the mirror. I could see the alphabet and command characters just above eye level.

5. I calibrated my physiology from first position by turning to the left where I could not see my reflection in the mirror.

6. I calibrated my external physiological as a coach, using the mirror. 

7. I began to play the game, and attempted to watch my reflection while following the instructions. This was not easy i.e playing and seeing myself playing simultaneously. On my first attempts, I did not enter any very useful state. As my outcome was to just explore my experiences, I took a short break.

8. I came back to the game, and decided to play each sequence through the mirror only paying attention to the instructions and not really paying attention to the man in front of lifting his hands up and down.

9. In between each sequence, I would pay attention to the man in the mirror, observing his physiology. The changes were quite visible.

10. After running through the sequence several  times, forwards and backwards, I found it much easier to perform the commands fluently then I added a task and that was to play the game and watch the man in the mirror playing.

11. This was now much easier than my first attempt, I began to feel the physical tingling (Ki) and see the man playing fluently (Ve). This synesthesia was highly satisfying. I took an internal cue that my state had changed and observed the physiology of the man in front of me (my reflection).  I decided it was time to test this state in the context stated in 1.

12. I entered my office sat down at my PC and let my fingers dance across the key board. The state I was in just before I sat down at the key board had no content attached that I was aware of.

13. I finished my task, left my office and returned half an hour later to read what I had written and was very pleased with the outcome.

I appreciate in circumstances I have laid out above, I had immediate access to the context I wanted to change and I could have changed my state in numerous of ways. Never the less I enjoyed the experience and changed my state adequately  to accomplish what I wanted to do. My only measurement of success is self calibration, which is one reason why this game in its format in whispering isn’t recommended for self application, but I was happy with the result.

I welcome and invite feedback, on the above

More importantly than my experiences outlined above, I would like to hear from others about how they enter or assist their clients enter high performance states.

I also invite contributors to join me in game called “what would happen if” i.e. and play with introducing new variables to the classic code and new code applications as well as “asking what would happen if we do X” with the outcome of developing new stuff here.


Michael Carroll

PS. Right now my wife (Lynda) has just shouted down from upstairs asking why there is a large sheet of paper stuck on our bedroom wall, with back to front letters written on it, which leads to me ask myself the question, “what would happen if I joined her instead of typing here?” Time to log off I think!

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