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Topic: Calibration to unconscious
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 30/11/2002 11:46:12

Dear Carmen and John,

One of the main issues in Whispering is to set up reliable unconscious signals and to use these in determining useful outcomes, resources for application etc. In my day to day consultations -(10 mins per patient in UK general practice)- I have found that many people are either not aware of, or are not interested in this form of conscious/unconscious communication. Asking them to "go inside and ask your unconscious" can sometimes be met with very strange looks from my clientele!

What I have found useful is to set up my own internal signals for congruence and incongruence. When I am in good rapport, PP2, I find that these signals act as a good barometer for what is happening with them. In this way I can ensure a far more congruent agreement on action plans arising from each consultation.

I am curious whether you have other types of internal signals that you use for calibration with clients in this way?



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