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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Calibration to unconscious
Posted by: Stephen
Date/Time: 02/12/2002 01:34:07

Hi Lewis, You post "I also notice where they "project" their inner experiences in the space around them, using that location as subsequent feedback." This resonates well with some things that I have noticed in my own life and the actions of others... If what you are writing is what I think it is, that is. I get the distinct impression that my INTERNAL world is more accurately around me much like an aura. So that I experience my "thinking" in the areas surrounding my physical body. If someone were to ask me to picture something, that something is pictured as external to me; though not with the distinct weight that I give to something such as a chair or another physical object that is in the room where I am.

Is this what you have in mind? When I have something "IN MIND" it seems that my body is contained within the sphere of my mind. And the "THOUGHT" is represented on the inner surface or within the cloud of the aura around me.

I have noticed and heard it said that you can get in the way of other people's pictures. And also directly move the information from one area to another within their sphere.

Be well,


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