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Topic: Re:Re:Calibration to unconscious
Posted by: Lewis Walker
Date/Time: 01/12/2002 14:39:04

Dear Carmen and John,

Thankyou for taking the time to give me such detailed replies. It is really quite unusual in the NLP field to have access to such high quality responses from the pioneers themselves. Most lists I have been on struggle with the vagaries of poorly substantiated information and the need for advertising/selling the next course/seminar. I greatly appreciate both your personal attention and your ability to cut through complex issues with your Occam's razor. And yes, I have stopped at the red light, doused myself with cold water and am now lukewarm rather than on fire!

You wrote: "that you work to appreciate explicitly where the signals are coming from (e.g. when patient X leans to the right slightly after a question, the response of the unconscious is yes; if his left hand flutters, the response is no)...

And also:"Reading the physiological responses of a patient through calibration (both consciously and unconsciously)...

This exquisite degree of calibration implies tremendous skill which I have to admit eludes me at the moment! I wanted to find out what you meant by conscious and unconscious calibration. Is this calibration to the patient's conscious and unconscious responses and/or using your own conscious/unconscious to do the calibration?

At present I calibrate to patient's "yes-sets" which involves my consciously looking for the physiolgical cues that accompany a "yes" and "no" statement (i.e. their simultaneous conscious and unconscious response). I also notice where they "project" their inner experiences in the space around them, using that location as subsequent feedback. I have my own "unconscious" signals which are kinaesthetic sensations of yes and no (chest and abdomen) that allow me to "intuit" the patients response in lieu of the more overt signals.

I attempted to set up a signalling system where my unconscious did all the calibrating outwith my awareness and "fed me" the significant results. This would be my definition of unconscious calibration. However I found myself consciously noticing every subtle gesture and movement in a way that was completely overwhelming!

So the crux of my question is, what particular methods do you suggest I, and anyone else reading this, use to fine tune our calibration skills? As you say many times in Whispering, calibration is a sine-qua-non of using NLP effectively. How can we all approach your combined skill level?

With much appreciation,


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