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Topic: Re:Re:Topic: Modeling, To: Stephen. A reply to Stephen
Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 30/01/2003 06:34:45

Hello, Stephen.

1.  You wrote,

"It might simply, not necessarily easily, be a matter of behaviour.

...I have more than enough KNOWLEDGE on fat loss AND maintenance...KNOWLEDGE overload...If KNOWLEDGE was enough, then I could DO and BE and HAVE, etc. what it is that I am after.

IMPLEMENTING the KNOWLEDGE is what the use of NLP is for."

which I interpret to mean,

"I have enough knowledge.  Implementing that knowledge is what I want to use NLP for."

You could find a weight-management specialist who will rehearse and role-play certain behaviors that are part of the lifestyle you desire.  Have you already modeled the behaviors you need to lead the lifestyle you want?  If so, can you perform those behaviors as well as someone who is an exemplar of those behaviors?

2.  On page 357 of "Whispering In The Wind", Dr. Grinder and Ms. Bostic St. Clair wrote,

"19. that the NLP practitioner clearly recognize that there is an overarching concern amidst all the complex interactions with clients such that she accept the responsibility to conduct herself in such a way as to maximize the independence of the client."

which I interpret to mean,

"An NLP practitioner needs to help his client self-produce and personally perform as much as possible of the client's change process."

As part of the training of a weight-management specialist, the specialist learns how to develop a plan with his client that is owned by the client. 

The first step to develop that plan is to target what behaviors and attitude the client needs to  change.  Then the client and the specialist  establish lifestyle goals for the client.  The specialist works with the client to determine what specific activities are needed to achieve the client's goals.  Finally the client commits to the plan he developed with the specialist. 

Someone interested in maintaining a particular bodyfat composition may do better when he is working for goals he set for himself.  The client follows that plan he developed, or does not.  However, the weight-management specialist can act as a model for behaviors outlined in his client's plan that the client needs to perform.  The specialist can also provide helpful information (knowledge) to the client, when the client requests it.

The state-management exercises of the New Code could help you enter motivated states you may need during pursuit of your goals.  I'm waiting for "Red Tail Math" to be released so I can  learn more about the New Code state-management exercises.

Many weight-management specialists in the US practice the weight-management planning and consultation procedures this post describes.  However, those specialists work with medical professionals when a client has special medical needs.  In addition, a client who performs particular eating behaviors is refered to a professional who can legally help someone find behavioral alternatives to those behaviors.

3.  In my post of 30/01/2003 03:13:26 to this thread, I wrote,

"Do you have the skills and knowledge of a weight-management specialist?  If not....

An NLP professional could serve as your model .... you could also benefit from training you'd receive if you consulted with a weight-management specialist.  The weight-management specialist could model important behaviors for you...."

Modeling of skills can be part of NLP practice, just as acquisition of information can be part of learning.  You learn when you model, and acquiring information can be part of learning, but NLP-modeling must involve practice of skills.  That is some of what I understand the terms "NLP-modeling" to mean.

4.  You wrote,

"I am looking for resolution of this AND ... heightened awareness of what will enable me to continually improve."

And I, nj, want to better learn new skills so I can achieve particular goals, rather than just exercise the skills I have and not achieve those goals.


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