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Topic: NLP-Presuppositions
Posted by: Wolfgang Karber
Date/Time: 10/06/2002 23:30:45


On p 202 you call the „so-called presuppositions of NLP“ an „odd collection of different logical levels and types“ ... „at best a pedagogical device...“ You further state that „a client/agent of change pair who congruently follows the sequence in a pattern will achieve the positive results the pattern is designed to provoke, independant of their personal beliefs.“

While I agree on all that, in my expierience they really do serve as good padagogical devices in NLP trainings to assist newcomers in a way of thinking which is useful for successfully applying NLP patterns.

For me the key-word is „congruent“. If one is acting already intuitively based on internalized adequate presuppositions, fine. But what, if not?

So how would you revise and/or reorganize them as a useful and consistant NLP-training/learning device?

Or, what way would you propose to do so?


Wolfgang Karber
Vienna, Austria

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