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Topic: Re:Re:Re:NLP-Presuppositions
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 12/06/2002 16:44:07

Dear Wolfgang

What you are asking for is, in my opinion, literally impossible. As I mentioned in my last posting, presuppositions are a special breed of beliefs, and beliefs are one certain way of reducing experience through feedforward - that is, to say that you have a belief or presupposition is equivalent to saying that you have influenced the f1 and f2 transforms so that they will filter for evidence that supports and confirms those beliefs/presuppositions. This leads to self-fulfulling prophecies and all the other nonsense (note, non-sense) that accompanies the mental maps of a true believer. The antedote for all this is, of course, a know-nothing state but this is unlikely to be available in a beginning student - thus historically, beginning students have been offered the"presuppositions of NLP" to facilitate the transistion in mental maps from the typical way of thinking and acting to the new modes.

I, personally, would not care to re-work and clean up the presuppositions as this would only increase the likelihood that people will actually retain them, treating them as if they were "true". But then I do not use them in my work nor in my trainings. If you do use them, then clearly you have a task before you - good luck!

All the best,


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