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Topic: Re:Re:NLP-Presuppositions
Posted by: Wolfgang Karber
Date/Time: 12/06/2002 11:03:23


Thank you for the opportunity to directly communicate with you.

Forunately, for the last 10 years I have been trained in the context of an NLP center where your proposals re peergroup practice and supervision are standard culture plus supervised video training as evidence procedure for competent application of NLP pattern. I experienced these benefits and fully agree on your statements on developing intuitive competeny by doing, getting feedback, refining, etc.

My concern is also a pragmatic one. If we now have these "NLP presuppositions" around, and they are "at best, a way of getting started to achieve those competencies", it seems to me more useful to optimize them in consistant way than to abandon them at all.

The momentary situation is unsatisfying to me, because they appear in so many different versions and numbers, that from 2nd position of an interested/critic public it must look confusing and incoherent.

This raises my question, what would/could be the minimum set of which "presuppositions" that would fulfil the positive pedagogic intentions towards excellence in learning without "reducing experience through feed forward"?



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