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Topic: Re:Re:psychic phenomena/coding question
Posted by: Ben
Date/Time: 05/07/2003 02:50:55

I can put you in contact with somebody, not my grandma, in the next three weeks if you are interested.  After an inital 'session' with you, I'm certain you would consider her a person worthy of modelling.  I even think, with my help, that she would be open to you being in the room when she does her work and watching her.  She is a very intelligent woman in her fifties and I think she would be facinated with what you came up with.  This is a woman that a few different major city police stations reguraly hire to help with difficult cases.

She doesn't propigate any 'spiritual model' she just feels compelled to share with people what comes through, and what comes through is always very specific and highly relevant to the person's life.  I would be happy to faciliate a conversation in whatever way would be appropriate if you are interested in modelling somebody in this context. 

If you would like, I would be happy to desribe the outlines of what she does, specifically, when she is with a person and some examples that I can vouche for personally...

Anyway, let me know if you are interested.


P.S. I mention my grandma only because of my last few threads on the other topic, which you might not know anything about. But my grandmother, who is now very very old, was born with psychic capacities and continues to blow people away with her 'pictures'...even though she basically has no memory, eyesight or even that much hearning these days. 

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