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Topic: Re:Re:Re:psychic phenomena/coding question
Posted by: Dimitry
Date/Time: 08/07/2003 19:52:45

Guessing About Evidence Means There's No Evidence, Ben:

Let's take the bee-GF. If she was thinking about bees at that moment -- and you say that she was, she would have exhibited some worrying body language, and may have suggested what she was worried about -- again through body language, how she was examining the environment, or even subvocalizing the phrase "killer bees". Muscle Reading is part of the cold reading technique. And Grandma used relatively vague language: "those type of bees".

Your grandmom "isn't considered someone who says bizzare, random things" because those tend to be forgotten since they don't have anything in reality to hang themselves onto within memory. People forget "misses" very easily -- that idea is an important part of cold reading.

" shouldn't call somebody up on the phone who you have had no sensory contact with for months and say, "Jack, I'd put your child in the bathtub and get the right lotions ready as soon as he walks through the door, otherwise your gonna have one miserable kid on your hands" "

Were you privy to both sides of the conversation? Are you sure she didn't have any contact for months?

"When  my grandmother called her friend Jack (who then lived a state away)and just that, it wasn't more than 5 minutes later that Jack's son, Cole, walked in from being in the woods with an intense rash forming from poison oak, I believe."

You believe? You're not even sure of what happened with the kid, how can you present it as any sort of evidence?

"Honey, you don't need to be worrying about that little old mickey mouse watch you lost- your daddy, wasn't mad at you, he was just frustrated he couldn't do anything to get it back for you after youspent all summer saving up for it"

Again, was it said like that verbatim? Was there nonverbal communication between phrases? Do you remember all the misses as well as the hits? Remember the old "one-ahead" technique? And then there's the "one-behind" technique.

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