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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Re:psychic phenomena/coding question
Posted by: John Grinder
Date/Time: 09/07/2003 05:27:02

Ben, Dimitry...

In fact, I believe what you all are referring to as cold reading is what I used to give as a qualifying gate for practitioner training - the task was to accost (with rapport) in the sight and hearing of another practitioner who was studiously pretending to ignore the ongoing exchange between the practitioner carrying out the task and the naive accosted one (while actually taking notes on the effectiveness of the practitioner doing the cold reading). The practitioner carrying out the task had the choice of a (actual or virtual) crystal ball, palm reading or just straight fortune telling with props. The structure of the exercise is obviously an intersection among rapport, calibration and the manipulation of language forms. Rapport and calibration you already appreciate - the language manipulation consists of a menu of binary distinctions - the practitioner would meaningfully present the first of the binary possibilities, read the non-verbal response: if it confirms the "reading", the practitioner would move to the next binary distinction. If the non-verbal response is negative, the practitioner would move agilely to the binary opposite. The objective was to amaze and dazzle the naive accosted one. This is quite Ericksonian and seems as a package to be what the majority of psychic who do face-to-face "reading" do. The website you all referenced are long on hype and advertising and understandably short on patterning so I cannot determine whether the alleged patterning is equivalent.

Other than an excellent integration drill for the patterning mentioned, what value do you find in all this?

All the best,


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