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Topic: Re:Re:'attention' as nominalization
Posted by: J Rose
Date/Time: 13/08/2002 12:47:11

Actually, Constance, I'm very happy that you asked me this question:

One of the reasons that "Whispering" is an important book in the field of NLP is because it asks us to think independently about epistemology.  I'm very grateful that Dr. Grinder is not asking us to quote his book as a prerequesit for having discussions here.  It seems as if Dr. Grinder, and many others, appreciate that questions relating to epistemology/methodology relate to whisperings.

After I read a few denominalizations of 'attention', I'll be able to share what, specifically, I am working on in regards to this question.  Thanks so much, Constance and I look very forward to your contribution.


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