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Topic: Re:Re:Re:'attention' as nominalization
Posted by: Thomas
Date/Time: 14/08/2002 15:27:29

Hello Gunthar,

you wrote:
"Attention has no physiological or physical correlative (and I am NOT a dualist, please), and teachers have no thought of physiology when they say, "You there, pay attention!" So perception is not simply given after all."

I disagree, how would a teacher know when to say "You there, pay attention!" if attention did not affect physiology?

Anyway the passage I quted also reminded me of a childhood experience. A friend and I both read a couple of books on body language, and figured out a clever way to get better grades in school without working extra for it. What we came up with was very simple, we would always sit as if we were actually paying attention to what the teacher were saying, and look as if we were interested. Of course we got better grades as a result of this, and interestingly but not surprisingly we also got better testresults, so it was not merely a matter of fooling the teachers. To assume the physiology of giving attention and at the same time not giving any attention was a lot harder than to just give attention.

All the best

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