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Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 28/10/2003 11:04:03


...thanks for 'that'.  Your post, which this post is in response to, is (to 'me') Absolutely Hillarious!  (1) You really are quite capable of issuing forth the requisite behavioural output to generate contagious laughter forcefully expelled from deep within the skin suit of many a forum participant; not to say that there is a necessary cause-effect relationship between your typing what you have chosen to type and the laughter reponse generated from within the forum participant (myself) however.  (2) I appreciate your continued participation in these ongoing discussions, as well as your decision to incinerate your copy of WITW.  Charcoal, as an  artistic medium, has been my instrument of choice during many a headstone  etching, within many a neighboring cemetary BTW! Continue to enjoy the bewildered expressions of your contact group as you explore in depth your 'territory' -nj.
(3) I am very interested in whatever string of lexical items that you might choose to respond to 'me' with in reaction/relation to the viability of applying the 'methodology of NLPm/a/t' to the designing and engineering of autonomous agents/'Body Minds'/robots, more/less specifically to the field of Robotics in general. (4) the 'suspension of F2 filters' is to me a continuous (analogical) distinction, rather than a boolean (digital) distinction.  F2 filters 'likely' (a term indicative of statistical analysis) can not be turned either 'on' or 'off'.  IMO they (activated F2 filters) can more usefully (compared to what?) be represented upon a continuum ranging from fully suspended to fully operational F2 filters.  Of course, neither extreme is represented as being 'reality-based' in this meta-model ('model of a model', see SOM et al.).  Rather they (suspended F2 filters), can be usefully viewed (from where? in relation to what/in accordance with what set of criteria?) as being, like the DKNS (disciplined know nothing state) and the stop-the-world-state, USEFUL FICTIONS. (5) Have you yet had luck with your endeavor to track down an online copy of "Syntactic Structures" or have your search results 'sucked ass'? Functionally equivalently, has your search strategy 'sucked ass'?  (6) Enjoy the Fall, which is seasonal.

-Pete West

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