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Posted by: nj
Date/Time: 28/10/2003 21:51:42

Hello, Mr. West.

(1) I'm glad you appreciated my statement about how I suck ass to search this forum, Pete.

You wrote:

(2) "I am very interested in whatever string of lexical items that you might choose to respond to 'me' with in reaction/relation to the viability of applying the 'methodology of NLPm/a/t' to the designing and engineering of autonomous agents/'Body Minds'/robots, more/less specifically to the field of Robotics in general."

which I interpreted to imply:

(3) "I[Pete West] am very interested in applying the 'methodology of NLPm/a/t' to the design of (mechanized) artificial intelligence, robots."

OK, Pete.  Robotics is not a research interest of mine.  Some technologies might make the world a better place, but I'm not sure that:

(4) robots will make the world a better place.

One thing that robots, in some fields, will do (and are now doing), is:

(5) robots will displace white collar and blue collar workers from jobs.

The term "trickle-down technology" is used in a book called:

(6) "The End Of Work", authored by Jeremy Rifkin.

I wonder if proposition (4) will turn out to be true about the robot industry, if proposition (5) is also true, because:

(7) the new technology of robotics will create as many jobs as the number of workers it displaces. 

I think, after reading book (6), that proposition (7) will turn out to be (very) false.  But proposition (4) might still turn out to be true.

It may be that modeling, applied to jobs performed in a corporate environment, will make it true that:

(8) employees working in a corporate environment will lose job benefits, working for reduced wages, among greater competition, in unhealthy workplaces, under higher stress, in more demanding jobs.


ps: At one point, I bought an attractive copy of "Syntactic Structures" from a bookstore.  "Syntactic Structures" touched on an argument against the finite-state model of grammar, among other topics. The book was dense reading.

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