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Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 28/10/2003 20:02:53


You wrote,

"NJ and/or Pete West

What is a disciplined Know nothing state got to do with this forum? Please explain."

A DKNS is a state decribed by JG/CBSC in their latest (2001) work, WITW.  This forum has been created by John Grinder (JG) as a service to the NLP Community in engaging a lively discussion of the contents of their book, WITW, which this web-site owes its name to.  The DKNS in this context(this forum) has 'got to do with' its application to NLP modeling, both the core activity which created the developing field of NLP and the core activity which will allow its continued emergence.  The utilization by myself of the term 'disciplined know-nothing state' is done with the intention of reinforcing and reminding myself (really, who else am I talking to other than 'myself'...whatever 'that' is?) what it is that differentiates (IMO) NLPm/a from other methodologies and in the utility of the term in facilitating: (1) further clarification of a distinction between the NLP approach to modeling (form focused) from other styles of modeling/modelling (content saturated).

-Pete West
Milky Way

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