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Posted by: Todd
Date/Time: 08/11/2003 22:11:04


My read on the work of Dr. Tabb was cursory.
It also was based on a Google search so it should be easy to reproduce.

The language problems he worked with were as follows: (this is in lay terms based on my first read)

Children who had difficulty smoothly connecting words when reading. Often to a fairly debilitating level.
Children who had verbal expression problems of similar type.

The area that I found intriguing, again, on first blush, was that many of the "games" that resolved or improved these problems specifically involved utilization of other sensory channels and combinations of sensory channels different from the channel (auditory digital) that was a problem.

The above is the first connection to new code and NLP for me. Additionally, I am attempting an exercise (for myself) in design which would identify the minimal set of variables needed for an effective new code game. My approach is to look for the pattern that connects in various activities that intuitively seem to have value toward this end. I am looking at: the alphabet game, Dr. Tabb, the Brain Gym, and some other stuff that can't be succinctly labelled.

Hope I have given you some more specific (as much as I am able at present) examples of language issues related to Dr. Tabbs work and how this overlaps with NLP. If not, I could elaborate some more. But please do a search first. You'll find a lot more there and more accurate too! ;-)

RE: a question for Dr. Tabb. If the opportunity arises, here would be mine. (And thanks a lot for this generous offer):

What relationship(s) across sensory channels did he feel were the ones that made a greatest difference in his experience? Which ones less so? Are there any patterns that he believes he has uncovered? (I am thinking of this in terms of leverage, least effort for maximum return across channels)


PS. There is also stuff on other types of disorders in other channels that were improved with Dr. Tabbs activities. Google it!

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