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Posted by: Pete West
Date/Time: 09/11/2003 11:47:01


I appreciate the descriptions which you've provided...these are helpful to me.  I will take my own advice and do an online search for additional material. 

"I am attempting an exercise (for myself) in design which would identify the minimal set of variables needed for an effective new code game."

I applaud your efforts in this endeavor.  I am interested in both identifying 'the minimal set of variables needed for an effective new code game' and in identifying the well-formedness conditions for that minimal set.

You also wrote,
"...If the opportunity arises, here would be mine...:
What relationship(s) across sensory channels did he feel were the ones that made a greatest difference in his experience? Which ones less so? Are there any patterns that he believes he has uncovered? (I am thinking of this in terms of leverage, least effort for maximum return across channels)"
I am experiencing difficulty understanding your questions in their present form.  Would you mind providing the following deleted material?
Regarding question (1), Relationship(s) across sensory channels that made the greatest difference (for what)?
Regarding question (3), Are there any patterns (associated with what) that he believes he has uncovered?
Regarding question (3), Could you please explain what you mean by 'leverage' in this instance? Also, what do you mean by 'least effort for maximum return across channels'?  Could you please either dumb this down or provide some specific examples of these last two for me?
I believe that my understanding of your questions would be of some assistance in securing a worthwhile response from Dr.Tabb, both for you and for myself.


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