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Topic: Re:Applications: 1st and 2nd order change
Posted by: Todd
Date/Time: 16/11/2003 01:52:28

I am reposting (and editing) this for John or Carmen. I haven't had an answer yet and I am wondering if you have read it. If you have and have decided not to answer, I would appreciate it if you would indicate that.

"Do the partitions of presenting issues for clients that you identify as appropriate for 1st and 2nd order changes correspond to the concept of simultaneous and sequential incongruities respectively?

I note that there is no intensive definition of 1st order issues in whispering so they can't be identified directly. However, in looking at the examples you provide for 2nd order change contexts, this would appear to be the case (the simultaneous/sequential distinction I suggest here.)

If this is not the case, could you provide a bit of background as to how you developed these distinctions (1st and 2nd order change) or references to earlier material?

Thanks again,

Todd Sloane

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