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Posted by: Todd
Date/Time: 02/12/2003 03:50:19


Thanks for the additional infill and the example. It does help. I am definitely an anthoplogist although I am glad to find myself a cowboy whenever I do. Hey, a cowboy anthropologist!

I do the type of congruency check that you talk about in all the work I do. (I am calling the calibration regarding the presence of secondary gain sufficient to prevent "lasting" change a congruency check here.) It seems essential to effective work. (Otherwise, why have another person in the room! ;-) )

I sometimes forget that this is a public forum as I tend to think about posting as a "conversation" between myself and another. However, since it is public I would like to give a big agknowledgement to Susan Grace-Branch and Judy DeLozier who provided my practitioner training. The integration of new code into my learning, my practice and my neurology continues to amaze me and I am very very grateful. It sounds like it could have been different and I am glad that it wasn't.

I would also like to learn "live" from you and Carmen. Are your public events posted by the webmaster here as a matter of course? If not, how can I stay informed?

Thanks again.


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