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Topic: Pheros v.s. NLP???
Posted by: Frankie
Date/Time: 10/12/2003 20:14:18

First of all I would like to state the obvious. This is not a post alluding to the book Whispering in the Wind. I recently found out about the book, and as we speak, I am having it rushed by amazon to my house. This is a great forum full of very helpful and technical info not found on any other website and I am extremely grateful to have found out about it. Which is why I must apologize fopr the next question. Having read thoroughly through most of the posts on this site I have come to the conclusion that this is in fact a very professional board and I am well aware that at first this question might seem arbitrary and elementary, but I know that if anyone has any defeinitive answers to this paradox, then it is you guys. Ok let me begin, around 2 yrs ago, I found out about a website concerning pheromones. Now, I am well aware of the reputation that pheromones have attained in the past years of being nothing more than snake oil and all together not real. Well let me tell you that, this site is not like all the other sites, this site (just like this one does) has a forum where all the members discuss using pheros in not only attracting mates, but also in socializing and situations where persuasion is needed(job interview, etc). Throughout the two yrs of hanging around this forum, I have experimented with all sorts of pheromones...from androstenone, to androstenol and -rone. I have tried almost every phero product out there, and I have come to the conclusion, that these products affect peoples perceptions of you very much. I mean the difference between wearing none for example and not wearing anything at all is night and day. People treat you different and give you alooot more respect and basicly want to please you. This doesnt happen when you dont wear mones...well at least not for me.So then this is my important are pheros in human communication??I mean beacause from what Ive read in all the NLP and DHE, language is supposed to be the ultimate tool to change peoples perceptions of you and have them do what you want, but I am still wondering just how much pheros get in the way of this or if pheros elicit a more powerful and immediate responce from people. Anyways , I hope you understood just what I am trying to ask...and thanks in advance for taking this question seriously and taking the time to read it and hopefully respond...

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