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Posted by: Stephen Bray
Date/Time: 12/12/2003 06:56:15


We all have to start somewhere.

This website is about Wispering In The Wind, which you can order from the link on this website, if indeed you are in the USA.

If you are in Europe it may also be purchased from some outlets in the U.K. If you email me I will provide you with the details of two suppliers.

Of the books that you have ordered 'Turtles All The Way Down' is relevant to the 'New Code NLP' upon which 'WITW' is based. The two 'Structure of Magic Books' may provide some background to 'Turtles' and 'WITW' once you have read them.

In addition to WITW I would recommend you obtain copies of three aditional books, which are not NLP books, but which discuss much of the epistemology and ideas upon which the New Code is based.

These are:

Bateson, G. (1980) Mind and Nature. Perhaps Bateson's most readable book ~ but less admired by Bateson purists.

Bateson, G. (1972) Steps to and Ecology of Mind. A collection of previously published papers. Rich in content, but dense in places ~ recommended once you want to go beyond the basics.

Capra, F. (1995) The Web of Life. Capra's well referenced synthesis of many of the ideas and theories that inform systemic disciplines such as NLP. This book is both informative and readable.

Indeed you could do worse than simply read:

'The Web of Life' ~ 'Whispering in the Wind' ~ 'Mind and Nature' ~ 'Turtles All the Way Down' in that order, and then write to us again!

And when doing so, please insert some paragraph spacing.

All the best,


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