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Topic: Re:Re:Pheros v.s. NLP???
Posted by: Frankie
Date/Time: 11/12/2003 02:30:39

thanks for the honest response Todd, its helpful guys as yourself, that motivate one to learn more and more about this vast subject. The thing is that almost no one in this world seems to give pheromones any credit at all and everyone just seems to see them as novelty items and such, but no one seems to realize just how much of our immediate behavior is dependant upon pheromones...pheromones really seem to dictate who are the leaders and who are the meek, quiet followers. Its really mindblowing for me to see people bow down to me one day (when Ive worn the alpha male types of pheromones such as androstenone) and treat me like dirt another day (when I wore androstenol by itself, a friendlier, friendly guy type of pheromone). My behavior was the same both days and the responses were as different as day and night. The thing that I dispise is the fact that people such as our "friend" Spike here who immediately thought it was OK to tell me to leave just because I asked an honest question that truly relates to peoples behavior and unspoken language...and I even gave a fair warning in the beginning of my post about my intentions...well the thing is that I recognize that most people think the same way as Spike here does. I mean I know that if I ask anyone randomly what they think about pheromones...80 percent of the time they will think of me as a loon or worse. That is just the way pheromones have been thought out to be. I ASSURE you that they are in fact the real thing and that the changes they can elicit on a persons behavior are outstanding and merit further investigation by knowledgable professionals such as yourselves. Its scary for me to think that pheros can maybe override any NLP patterns you might throw at a person and ultimately be the biggest factor that affects how he or she will behave. That is my pheromones (natural or synthetic) affect or override any behavior we are trying to instill by using NLP patterns. In other words, are they more powerful in eliciting behavioral changes??As I mentioned in my last post, there is a site that contains all types of in depth info on pheromones as well as an astoundingly large archive of peoples experiences with them in the forum. I really dont know the regulations on posting such info on this site, so if anyone needs the adress, just let me know and ill give it to to summize, I implore you guys to really look beyond the stereotypes people have instilled on the subject of pheromones and try to investigate (as I am doing) just how important thry really are to our behavior as human beings...and I again would appreciate any feedback from any of you guys on this. thanks again.

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