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Topic: Re:Re:Re:Pheros v.s. NLP???
Posted by: spike
Date/Time: 11/12/2003 14:24:17

Thank you Frankie for dispising (sic!) me - from you that is a compliment.

BTW you may be interested in knowing that while you claimed to have the book rushed to you from amazon the book is not in fact available on amazon. How can that be? Oh, I guess you must be lying - but then that is to be expected of commercial scum is it not? Especially in an endearing combination with talk about how honest they are.

Possibly this can be part of the explanation why your posts are quite irrelevant.

Who else in here was SO surprised that there was a request for the address of the website Frankie has been promoting? I was REALLY suprised. I almost didn't know what do do. That is how surprised I was.

So, dear Frankie, why don't you meet the minimum requirement for participation and explain how your advertisements are relevant to the discussion of whispering in the wind, or why bother: please go away!


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