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Topic: Re:'Ye 'Old code.
Posted by: Robert
Date/Time: 08/10/2002 14:25:53

It would initiate great pleasure with me to read of your response to the question of what is the difference between NLP™ and Design Human Engineering™?

My take on this an the responses in this thread are,

DHE are making things with design of how your mind/brain works and how you like things to be in your mind/reality.
You can use DHE then to enhance like FA, FA2 and other things yourself find useful.

NLp then would be the ability to patterning and create new models and applications that are derived from the NLP Models.

When I did the DHE course which i did with John La Valle back in 99 the focus was on energy and rewrite strategies to enhance them and such.

NHR Bandlers latest work have some new stuff which used properly would make collapsing anchor an arcelogial patterning.
(Dosnt even bother to collapse since no need for that)

I have used modeling to do a lot of extensive patterning from bandler and others who i find useful.

I have a sleight of mouth model which makes the old one which R Dilts coded outdated.
I also have 3 questions I use in swedish to teach people how the NLP models fith togheter and how to use NLp without going trough deeper understanding of the principals involved.
(which makes peopel to use applications first hand and then be able to do modeling when they elarn how things works)

I also have in the present to begining to code explicit a model which I hope would make changework, language patterns much easier to do with an understanding how grammar and its functions works in an NLP way.

Sure Bandler use shift ref index, and other things to teach since if you take what posted on a webpage in europe, that what his job is to make a response not to understand.

Quote"If you don’t have flexibility in your behavior, you’ll never going to be convincing. One of the things that makes me convincing, I can say the oddest things to people and they respond, is that I’m not looking to make them understand, I’m looking to make them respond.

I’m such a liar, am I not? But you see it doesn’t matter because … when you spend time with people communicating, you’re job is to be successful at it. You’re job is not to be honest.
end quote.

Obviously that attitude will get a response which people who try to make things explicit and maybe more into understanding will have a hard time to understand.

I like to say, well thats Bandlers map and his way and model of the world, go figure why he does things that way ;)

Still, whatever I learned from bandler and others, things I was talking about and my friend commented when reading whispering that, how i did know things like this so long time ago.

Well my response, beacuse I did the homework and had to find out how things worked since no one was around to ask about things.

I think teaching NLP you do have a responsability to make people not just do things but also to understand whats going on.
I think bandler isnt the best in that.

However in whispering I learned many new things and also redefined many old things.

I am grateful for that.


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