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Topic: Re:Re:'Ye 'Old code.
Posted by: Gabriel Guerrero
Date/Time: 02/10/2002 02:06:03


I am sending this message to clarify a couple of things written on John's book.
I send a similar message privately to John however I never got an answer so I do not know if he got it. Hopefully he'll read this one.

First, there is NO book published under the name of Design Human Engineering.

Maybe John read some other book or someone else's book... maybe someone tried to get John & Richard to fight some more, and gave John a fake book. (seems like too much trouble but...)

I spoke with John in december 2001 in Mexico City and he asked me (he seem sincere enough) to get together to talk about what Richard is doing. The meeting never happened but maybe it will someday.

So why do I write this... because it is my perception that John does not have a vast knowledge of what is Design Human Engineering to really comment about it.
It is like me commenting on the new code just based on what I've heard and the little pieces included in the book.

He did comment about DHE on his book but I still think he got distorted information.
Because he also wrote "perhaps Bandler's oral presentations in seminars contain some genuinely new patterning or applications"... which presuposes he hasn't been in one or even seen a video or heard a tape (where oral presentation is a must)... so all he got was that written material which is NOT written by Richard and people's (non-expert) opinion about it.

It is not my place to comment on DHE on this website, because is not about it... it is about John & Carmen's book which I found useful to further understand the very different perspective John has on NLP in contrast with Richard.

Congratulations on publishing your book.

Have an excellent read while whispering in the wind... noooow

Gabe Guerrero
Bandler's agent in Mexico

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