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Topic: Re:Re:Re:'Ye 'Old code.
Posted by: John Grinder and Carmen Bostic
Date/Time: 02/10/2002 04:28:19


Yes, of course, I (JG) remember the conversation in Mexico City. and no, we received nothing from you.

I would greatly appreciate you and others posting on this website to get one simple thing right. Whispering is NOT John's work. It is an example of exquisite collaboration between Carmen Bostic St. Clair and myself.

Gabriele - you are correct - as far as we can determine there is no book thus far written on DHL. We can imagine any number of reasons for this.

However, in Whispering, Carmen Bostic and I refer to such a book. The history is simple enough. In late 1996 or early 1997, Carmen and I were presented with a copy of what turns out to be Persuasion Engineering - the subtitle contained the term Design of Human Engineering. The book was presented to us by an irate NLPer who pointed out to us that Bandler (on the flycover) claimed that he was the sole creator of NLP.

We read this book and have seen two tapes (approximately 3 hours) from two different DHE seminars presented by Bandler. In the book and in the videos, we could easily detect the patterns being presented and, as Carmen Bostic and I state in Whispering, they were an amusing mix of submodality manipulations using the Ericksonian hypnotic patterning that Bandler and I (JG) coded 30 years ago in Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson, M.D., volumes I and II.

Bandler's absurd claim about creating NLP by himself have been appropriately laid to rest in settlement of the legal actions he initiated against me and other members of the NLP community (suits filed in 1996 and resolved in February of 2000 - see appendix A in Whispering for a complete statement of the settlement.

Thank you, Gabriel, for providing us with this opportunity to correct an error of reference. The reference in Whispering that refers to Design of Human Engineering should read Persuasion Engineering with the subtitle Design of Human Engineering.

We hereby apologize to any reader who has been mislead by the inappropriate reference in Whispering and accept the responsibility for this error of reference.

You also state,

" which presuposes he (Grinder and Bostic) hasn't been in one or even seen a video or heard a tape (where oral presentation is a must)..."

The purpose of this statement was to make the same point that you make in your posting. Neither Bostic or I have "vast knowledge of DHE" and we were unwilling to say that DHE is only a mix of submodality manipulations using Ericksonian hypnotic patterning - only that in the material available to us (identified above), we detect only submodality manipulations using Ericksonian hypnotic patterning. We were attempting to give Bandler the benefit of the doubt - that, perhaps in seminars other than the one we saw pieces of and in the book with the subtitle Design of Human Engineering, he offers something other than submodality manipulations using Ericksonian hypnotic patterning. 

All the best,

John and Carmen

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